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Kou Cuisine Handmade Jam & Salt | Food

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Have you ever taken a maritime survival course or watched those Discover Channel shows about shipwrecked Robinson Crusoes? The universal admonition is this -- never drink seawater! Drinking will only dehydrate you, hastening your demise. Any semblance of relief from your thirst is only temporary, an illusion.

Paradoxically, though, salt is also a life giver, a necessary nutrient. Sea salt, in particular, has been a traditional source of this mineral, and island cultures like that in Bali, have long mined the seas for salt. In the village of Kusamba, salt is harvested by hand, in a very labor-intensive multi-step process. Water is first poured on the black sand beaches of Kusamba, where the sun dries the seawater, leaving a flaky crust which is then scooped up and dumped into bamboo sieves. When mixed with additional saltwater over the course of several days, the brine slowly turns into the final product as the sun evaporates the water.

After this traditional processing, Kou Cuisine, a boutique based in the central Bali town of Ubud, then further cleans the salt and adds a special mix of herbs before packaging it in beautiful jars and gift baskets, some of which my wife and I purchased on our recent honeymoon to Bali. In addition to this special salt, Kou Cuisine also specializes in jams, all of which visitors can try in-store. My personal favorites? Definitely the passion fruit & tangerine, as well as the apple cinnamon, perfect for New York City autumn.

For beautiful and tasty gifts for yourself or for loved ones, drop by Kou Cuisine Handmade Jam & Salt in Ubud if you are ever in Bali!

Kou Cuisine Jam & Salt
Jl. Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, Bali
Intersection of Jl. Desi Sita
+62 361 972 319


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