Mark Chou Photography | Umbrella Revolution New York City | Photojournalism

Umbrella Revolution New York City | Photojournalism

October 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The past week has seen a huge outpouring of support in Hong Kong for the students (and other Hong Kongers) protesting China's decision to allow "universal suffrage" for the 2017 Hong Kong chief executive elections, but only permitting citizens to vote for a slate of three pre-screened candidates.

This week, protests have expanded worldwide. And today, October 1st, also known as the National Day of the People's Republic of China, demonstrators in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and other cities have joined in solidarity with those leading the so-called "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong, so named because of the umbrellas used by Hong Kong students to protect themselves from the tear gas and pepper sprayed directed at them by riot police. 

I dropped by Times Square earlier this evening to take some photographs of the New York City Umbrella Revolution rally, which was also attended by other groups that have grievances with Beijing, including Tibetans and supporters of the controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. I've posted a few of my favorite photos below.



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