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November 03, 2013  •  4 Comments

Last month, I took a week-and-a half vacation to Hong Kong to my girlfriend Mara, who was back home in HK for a bit to visit her family and do some promotion for her newly-released album. While I've visited Hong Kong on multiple occasions before, this was the first time I got what is probably closer to a local experience, particularly because I spent a lot of time in Clear Water Bay, a ways away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island. I did a lot of eating, as I usually do in HK, but also ended up doing everything from late night karaoke to a boat trip to a zoo visit in the middle of Hong Kong Park. Even hopped over to Macau. And I got to catch Mara's last Hong Kong performance, too!

While I got the chance to catch up with a few old friends like Kelvin and Christie, most of my time this go around was spent with Mara and her family, who graciously housed me for most of my stay. Shout out to Kelvin for letting me crash for a few nights too. :) To those I couldn't catch up with -- let's meet up soon, whether in NYC or HK!


Katie Wu(non-registered)
Love the photos :) Food pics especially made me hungry!
awesome pictures! Looked like a lot of fun :)
Mark Chou Photography
Thanks, Auntie Carmen! So nice to see you again!
Tsui San San Carmen(non-registered)
Lovely photos of Hong Kong and Macau! Lots of smiles, beautiful faces and happy moments!
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